International Women’s Day Gift Ideas: Kicking Off Women’s Day – Plant Style!

Published On: March 5th, 20244.9 min read
international women's day gift ideas, gift delivery and gifts for plant lovers

Resilient Plants to Honor the Strength of Women: International Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Mark your calendars, folks! International Women’s Day is on the horizon, March 8th. And what better way to tip your hat to the unfathomable strength and resilience of the superwomen in your life than with a gift just as tough as nails? So ditch the chocolates and flowers and tell your leading lady how much you dig her with a hardy, vibrant plant from our “Plants of Steel” collection. From bulletproof succulents that could survive a trek across the Sahara to flowering plants that don’t bat an eyelash at the worst Mother Nature can dish out, these botanical badasses are not just tokens of appreciation but symbols of rock-solid empowerment and steely determination.

Kicking off Strong Women’s Day – Plant Style!

Resilient plants are modern warriors—Going beyond just surviving, they kick some serious butt under pressure, evolving to beat the odds and coming out more dazzling than ever. Sound just like the extraordinary women in your life, doesn’t it? That’s no coincidence. Gifting these hardened plants is like offering a sparkling medal of honor. We’re raising a toast to the receiver’s indomitable strength, acknowledging every tough cookie moment they’ve worked through while still looking drop-dead gorgeous. Picking a resilient plant shows your ride-or-die support, reflecting faith in the recipient’s ability to survive and thrive; come hell or high water.

Why pick plants for International Women’s Day? Oh, let us count the ways! Plants are the supermodels of the gift world. They symbolize growth, fresh starts, and rock-solid strength. Don’t waste your time on gifts that wither and fade; a plant is a living, breathing testament of appreciation! Inspire them to tend and nurture, just as women tend and nurture us all—bonus points for continuing the symbol of reverence from you. They kiss the air quality up a notch, add a dash of the wilderness indoors, and work magic on moods and productivity. With a plant, you’re not just mailing a gift; you’re delivering a daily dose of ‘You Can Do It’ inspiration!

International Women’s Day Gift Ideas: These Plants Aren’t Just Green, They’re Symbolic!

Fun Fact: Plants can talk! Well, not literally, but they carry profound symbolic meanings.

When choosing a plant as a gift, consider the traits of the recipient and match them with the symbolism of the plant to add a layer of personal significance to your present.

Money Tree plants

For example, a money tree plant symbolizes flexibility and strength, bending without breaking in the strongest of winds—qualities reminiscent of the perseverance shown by women through the ages.

Aloe vera plants

With its healing properties, represents protection and healing, acknowledging a woman’s role as a nurturer and caregiver.

Succulent plants

Succulents, which retain water and thrive in arid conditions, symbolize enduring and timeless love.

Girl Power Plants: Gifts That Give Back to the Mighty Women

Unearthing the Symbolism in Plants

Choosing the right plants to honor her strength isn’t a cakewalk. It’s like an American idol for plants; the winner must be as strong, elegant, and resilient as she is.

Snake plants

It’s all about standing up tall and fierce, no matter what.

Peace Lily plants

Another excellent choice is the Peace Lily, which purifies the air and blooms persistently with little care, symbolizing the harmony and balance many women strive for.

ZZ plants

The survivalist wonder that can make it in the darkest corners and thrive with a bit of watering.

International Women’s Day Gift Ideas: eGifts – Send eLove Near, Far & Wide

If you are far away from the superwomen in your life or simply want to give them the freedom of choice, our eGifts are the ideal solution.

international women's day gift ideas, gift delivery and gifts for plant lovers

Send a Plant Subscription

A plant subscription is an enduring way to celebrate their strength and vitality. Every delivery offers her the joy and surprise of nurturing a different kind of plant, each unique and beautiful just like her. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, with the recipient blessed with a monthly bundle of green goodness. This subscription can serve as a constant reminder of your admiration and respect for her. Plus, it’s the perfect way for her to explore different plant varieties and spruce up her indoor oasis all year round.

Send a Virtual Plant

  1. Select a plant or accessory, select the ‘Gift This Product’ checkbox, input the recipient’s details, choose a delivery date, and place your order.
  2. On the chosen delivery date, your recipient will receive an email notification revealing your eGift. The best part! They are able to select the eGift you choose and finalize the order with the code included, or browse our virtual isles and find a gift that speaks to their heart. 💌💫
  3. With our ‘Gift This Product’ option, your loved one can simply apply the gift code at checkout, and voila! The gift is instantly redeemed, their order is swiftly placed, and their chosen gift will be conveniently delivery to their doorstep within 2-4 business days – effortless and hassle-free! 🎉
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Send an eGift Card

Our eGift Card enable recipients to shop from our exhaustive selection of resilient plants at their leisure, thus allowing them to choose plants that resonate with their personalities, decor, and lifestyle.

Buying our eGift Card is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Simply select the amount you wish to gift, write a heartfelt note that spells out your admiration, and voila! The eGift will be sent straight to her inbox. Remember, eGifts aren’t just convenient; they are also a green and sustainable choice.

So, whether it’s our resilient plants, plant subscriptions, or eGift card, we’ve got you covered with gifts that honor the strength and beauty of women. Happy International Women’s Day!


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