At and Forget Me Not Flower Markets, Your Feedback Matters!

Our Commitment to Actionable Feedback

At and Forget Me Not Flower Markets, we value the input and experiences of our customers. Your feedback plays a crucial role in helping us improve our services, enhance our plant offerings, and ensure your satisfaction. We have developed an actionable feedback policy to demonstrate our commitment to listening, responding, and continually evolving based on your insights.

How We Collect Feedback

We offer multiple channels for you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us:

  • Customer Surveys: Periodic surveys to gather comprehensive feedback on your shopping experience and plant preferences.

  • Online Reviews:
    Encouraging reviews on our website and platforms like Google and Yelp to capture real-time feedback.

  • Social Media Engagement:
    Active engagement on social media platforms to foster conversations and gather feedback.

  • Email Communication:
    Providing direct email contact for personalized feedback and inquiries.

Our Response Process

When we receive your feedback, our team takes the following steps:

  • Prompt Review: Every feedback submission is reviewed promptly by our customer service team.

  • Actionable Analysis
    : We analyze feedback to identify trends, prioritize areas for improvement, and celebrate positive experiences.

  • Transparent Communication:
    We respond to each feedback submission with transparency, acknowledging your input and outlining any actions taken or planned.

Engaging with the Public

We believe in open dialogue and transparency:

  • Community Involvement: Participating in local events and initiatives to connect with our community.

  • Educational Resources:
    Providing plant care tips, guides, and resources to empower our customers.

  • Social Responsibility:
    Supporting sustainable practices and ethical sourcing in our operations.

Prioritizing Transparency

Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach:

  • Clear Policies: Ensuring clarity in our terms of service, refund policies, and plant care guidelines.

  • Regular Updates:
    Keeping you informed through newsletters, blog posts, and social media updates.

  • Accountability:
    Taking responsibility for our actions and commitments.

Join Us in Shaping Our Future

Your feedback shapes our journey. Together, let’s cultivate a thriving community of plant enthusiasts. Share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with us—we’re here to listen and grow together!