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Forget Me Not Flower Market is committed to providing only the highest quality products and exceptional customer service has earned us a reputation as a trusted and reliable source of fresh flowers, trendy indoor and outdoor plants, gardening supplies, and gifts.

From flowers and plants to gifts & garden supplies, we’ve got it all!

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Can You Leave A Plant In The Container It Came In?

What Customers Say.

I’ve gotten 5 phaleanopsis from this place. They all have the most gorgeous blooms. They have still have the most beautiful blooms after 4/5 months. I highly recommend!! I’m gonna be purchasing more..❤️
Stephen Shankle

What a wonderful experience, working with Monica to find the perfect flowers and containers. I went to get a tropical bouquet for a birthday arrangement and was pleased with the selection and prices of orchids…

D Nolan
I ordered floral centerpieces for a special birthday party , the arrangements were very beautiful. and the Forget Me Not Flower Market staff was very excellent to work with…
Julie Kaplan

Stopped to get orchids to take back up north and found several. Got lots of information on keeping them healthy. I will be back…

Karen Nelson

This is my favorite place to shop! Monica is amazing, she has a great personality, is very knowledgeable about her plants. I have over 100 of Monica’s plants in my home and I will ONLY shop for my plants here at Monica’s …

My family love this place! My 3-yr old enjoyed looking at the plants and picking her orchids. She has great selection of healthy plants and the prices are great!…
Jessica Guiang Johnson (Ecka)

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who have taken the time to leave a referral for Forget me Not Flower Market. Your trust and confidence means a lot and I appreciate your willingness to share your positive experiences with others. Thank you for spreading the word and for helping me grow my business.

The Flower Lady!