14 House Plants to Win Hearts This Valentine’s Day

Published On: January 30th, 20244.7 min read
image of Anthurium Pterodactyl - Plants for Valentines Day

14 Houseplants to Win Hearts This Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, and so are the irresistible charms of houseplants that are ready to sweep your special someone off their feet this Valentine’s Day!

Say hello to greenery that’s as quirky and charming as your love story. From heart-shaped leaves to foliage fit for royalty, these 14 plants will become your new wing-plants in the game of love.

Let’s dive into the jungle of romance and discover the perfect plant match for your Valentine’s Day!

View Plants for valentines- alocasia Amazonica bambino

Alocasia Amazonica Bambino

Don’t let its size fool you; the Alocasia Amazonica Bambino may be compact, but it’s bursting with personality! This pint-sized plant packs a punch with its bold foliage and larger-than-life attitude.

View Plants for valentines- Alocasia Black Velvet

Alocasia Black Velvet

Velvet ropes? Nah, we prefer the Alocasia Black Velvet with its lush, velvety leaves that scream luxury and sophistication. Who needs red carpets when you’ve got this plant rolling out the green carpet of love?

Image of Alocasia Hilo Beauty Plants for Valentines Day

Alocasia Hilo Beauty

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but with the Alocasia Hilo Beauty, everyone’s eyes are on you! This showstopper plant is the ultimate wing-plant, guaranteed to turn heads and steal hearts wherever it goes.

View Aglaonema Lady Valentine

Aglaonema Lady Valentine

Move over, Cupid! Lady Valentine is here to steal hearts with her sassy pink foliage and green attitude. She’s not just a plant; she’s a statement piece for love that’s as bold as your affection!

View Alocasia Silver Dragon Plant Delivery for Valentine's Day

Alocasia Silver Dragon

Move over, Smaug! There’s a new dragon in town, and it’s more silver than scaly. The Alocasia Silver Dragon brings a touch of mythical charm to your love story, with leaves that shimmer like treasure in the moonlight.

Image of Alocasia Red Secret - Perfect Plant Lovers Gift

Alocasia Red Secret

Psst… want to know a secret? The Alocasia Red Secret is here to spill the beans with its deep red veins and sultry allure. It’s the perfect plant for sharing secrets and stealing kisses under the cover of its lush foliage.

View Anthurium Pterodactyl

Anthurium Pterodactyl

Who needs dinosaurs when you’ve got a plant that’s literally from the Jurassic period? The Anthurium Pterodactyl is here to prove that love is timeless and a little prehistoric charm never hurt anyone!

View Hoya Sweetheart Plants for Valentines Day

Hoya Sweetheart

Roses are red, violets are blue, but the Hoya Sweetheart is the plant for you! With heart-shaped leaves and a sweet fragrance, this charming plant is the perfect way to say “I love you” in every language of the heart.

View Fern Heart -Perfect Plant Lovers Gift

Fern Heart

Love ferns? Then you’ll adore the Fern Heart โ€“ a plant that wears its heart on its sleeve… er, fronds! With leaves shaped like love notes, this plant is the ultimate symbol of affection for your green-thumbed sweetheart.

View Monstera Dubia Shingle Plants for Valentines Day

Monstera Dubia Shingle Plant

Ready to shingle your heart? The Monstera Dubia is here to make a statement with its shingle-like leaves that are as bold and beautiful as your love for each other. Who needs walls when you’ve got this plant covering all the bases?

View Monstera Thai Constellation Plants for Valentines Day

Monstera Thai Constellation

Reach for the stars and land in the arms of the Monstera Thai Constellation โ€“ a plant that’s out of this world! With foliage that twinkles like the night sky, this celestial beauty is the perfect companion for stargazing and snuggling on Valentine’s Day.

View Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Plants for Valentines Day

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum

They say peace begins with a smile, but we think it starts with the Peace Lily Spathiphyllum! This classic symbol of tranquility is the ultimate gesture of love and understanding, perfect for smoothing over any rough patches and nurturing your relationship.

View String of Heart Plants for Valentines Day

String of Hearts

This delightful bit of green is gearing up to sweep you off your feet with its heart-shaped foliage thatโ€™s so cute, you might want to pinch its cheeks (if plants had cheeks, that is). Its tendrils spill over with charm, creating a lush curtain thatโ€™s just waiting to jazz up your hanging basketsโ€”talk about a photo op!

View String of Hearts Variegated - Perfect Plant Lovers Gift

String of Hearts Variegated

If love were a plant, it would be the String of Hearts Variegated โ€“ delicate, charming, and always hanging on for dear life! This trailing beauty is the perfect match for anyone who believes in love that grows wild and free.

Plants for valentines Day

Indulge in the botanical love affair of the season!

Explore the rest of our hand-picked collection of enchanting plants destined to steal hearts this Valentine’s Day

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