8″ Guzmanias Trio Bromeliad Garden


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In stock

Immerse yourself in the exotic and vibrant realm of our Guzmanias Trio Bromeliad Garden

As exciting and dynamic as nature itself, this unique arrangement presents a stunning blend of color, texture, and botanical wonder.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice enthusiast, this arrangement is a treasure to behold and a joy to receive. Each bromeliad, a luminary in the plant realm, brings forth a burst of color that will have you, and any onlookers, awestruck. Prepare to host your very own tropical shindig; no passport or pesky mosquitoes required! Invite this stupefying arrangement to your home, workplace, or even your patio, and get ready for an explosion of colors that would make a rainbow seem like a black-and-white cartoon! It’s like shouting “Hello, Radiant Queen!” to your décor. Now that’s a party crasher you’ll love to have around!

But hold your glasses of coconut water, we’re not through yet! Why not bestow this foliage fiesta on a lucky chum, an esteemed coworker or (wink wink) that family member who can’t even keep a plastic plant alive? Blow their minds this Valentines by delivering sunshine in plant form, because nothing screams ‘I love you’ like “Here’s a splash of the tropics, you wonderful human, you!”. Light up their world with the radiance of a million suns, err… bromeliads, I mean!

Guzmanias Trio Bromeliad Garden Features

  • Highlights a trio of radiant Guzmania bromeliads, admired for their striking flower spikes.
  • Augmented by decorative Spanish moss, enhancing the authentic, garden-like ambiance of the composition.
  • Standing approximately 1 to 1.5 feet tall, this arrangement brings nature closer to you and complements any space.
  • Presented in a 8” round white ceramic planter, a perfect container for displaying the bromeliads’ beauty.
  • Bromeliad color is subject to our growers’ choice, always selected from our freshest morning picks.

Guzmanias Trio Bromeliad Garden for Valentine’s Day Details

Bromeliad Type: – 3 Guzmania Bromeliads. Growers choice.*
Bromeliad Colors: Growers choice*
Overall Measurement: Approximately 1 to 1.5 feet tall. Overall size may vary.
Planter Size: Encased in an 8” round planter boasting a charming clay hue.
Planter Color: Available in a variety of colors, chosen based on current stock.

*Grower’s choice: The options available are a selection of colors from our morning picks.
*Assorted colors by availability: Contingent on stock.