5” Swam Pink Flamingo Phaleonopsi Orchid Arrangement


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In stock

Embrace the paradise with our exceptional 5″ Swam White or Pink Flamingo Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement

This dashing diva of the plant kingdom, dressed up in a pristine white ceramic pot, oozes style and panache from every petal.

Embellished with moss, the arrangement looks like Mother Nature’s own green velvet carpet, setting the stage for our star performer. But hang onto your hearts, folks! There’s a little extra love in the form of a heartfelt “I Love You” pick tucked in, transforming this beauty into a living love letter. The perfect showstopper for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just because you’re feeling the love vibes. This flourishing orchid arrangement is basically Cupid in plant form, hitting a bullseye in the hearts of your loved ones!

Our 5″ Swam Pink Flamingo Phalaenopsis Arrangement promises not just a visual treat but also a lush journey of love and nature.

5″ Swam White or Pink Flamingo Phalaenopsis Arrangement: The headliner

  • Displays a gracefully stunning Swam Pink Flamingo Phaleonopsis Orchid in full bloom.
  • The perfect go-to for adding botanical flamboyance to your space or making Valentine’s Day even more romantic.
  • Featuring an oh-so sweet “I Love You” note, this arrangement might as well be serenading melodious sonnets of love to those you cherish. Watch out, Shakespeare!
  • Nestling comfortably in an elegant white ceramic pot and sporting a look that would make even the sun swoon! Expect loads of compliments from friends, family and that annoyingly stylish neighbor.
  • Moss embellishments that create a mini garden scene right in your pot.
  • A towering arrangement that stretches between 1 to 1.5 feet.
  • Convenient delivery options. Whether you’d like to pick it up or have it delivered by our trusty DoorDash courier, one thing’s for sure: this flamingo’s ready to land in your loving arms!

5″ Swam White or Pink Flamingo Phaleonopsis Orchid Arrangement for Valentine’s Details

Orchid Color: White or Pink Flamingo. Contingent on stock.*
Overall Measurement: Approximately 1 to 1.5 feet tall. Overall size may vary.
Planter Sizes: 5″ round white ceramic planter.
Planter Color: White.

*Assorted colors by availability: Contingent on stock.