6″ Verdant Trio Dish Garden


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In stock

6″ Verdant Trio Dish Garden is a feast for the eyes and a balm for the soul.

Dip your toes into the verdant luxury of our Foliage Dish Garden Arrangement. With a smorgasbord of leafy buddies, this arrangement is a sight for weary eyes and a soothing ice cream for the soul. It’s like adopting a tiny, well-behaved forest that’s ideal for jazzing up any and every room. Step right into tranquility with our Dish Garden Arrangement and create an “aha” moment for your sweetheart, buddy, or coworker this Valentine’s Day. Put simply, it’s not just a bunch of green guests at a garden party; it’s a masterpiece with chlorophyll that sends a cool and peaceful vibe to any room.

4.5″ Verdant Trio Dish Garden Features

  • Showcase a variety of attractive foliage plants, adding layers of depth to your green display.
  • Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day or just adding some green to your space, this arrangement offers versatility and elegance.
  • Plants are housed in a carefully chosen planter, complementing the natural beauty of the foliage.
  • The overall size may vary, but it’s designed to evoke a mini indoor garden experience.
  • The selection of specific plant species is thoughtfully curated by our expert growers for aesthetic appeal and from the best of our morning selection.
  • Can be delivered straight to your doorstep via DoorDash or picked up in-store.

6″ Verdant Trio Dish Garden for Valentine’s Day Details

Foliage Colors: Growers choice*
Overall Measurement: Approximately 1 to 1.5 feet tall. Overall size may vary.
Planter Sizes: 6″ Round planter.
Planter Color: Assorted colors by availability.*

*Grower’s choice: The options available are a selection of colors from our morning picks.
*Assorted colors by availability: Contingent on stock.