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Experience Elegance with English Ivy Glacier – Effortless Online Ordering, Gift-Ready Options, and Delivered Free to Your Doorstep.

Enhance Your Space with English Ivy Glacier – A Touch of Green Luxury!

Elevate your living space with the timeless beauty of English Ivy Glacier. Our effortless online ordering makes it a breeze, and it comes gift-ready, making it a perfect botanical present for your loved ones. Delivered free to your doorstep, this lush and cascading plant adds a touch of green luxury to any room. Whether you’re a plant enthusiast or a novice, English Ivy Glacier is a low-maintenance yet stunning addition to your indoor garden. Transform your space into a haven of elegance – order now and let the green enchantment begin! 🌿🎁

Physical Gifts: Send a tangible plant gift delivery directly to their doorstep. Delivery typically within 2-4 business days. For last-minute or same-day gifting, opt for our eGift Option ( UNDER ‘GIFT THIS PRODUCT’).

Virtual eGifts: Order ahead and pick the desired date for delivery. Your recipient gets a PERSONALIZED EMAIL with your message, a redeemable gift code, and an easy 3-step guide on how to use it. They have the freedom to finalize the order and keep the gift you selected or they can explore our virtual aisles for a new find. The choice is all theirs—their pick, their pleasure!

Our plants come with a 30-day money-back guarantee! We excel in delivering high-quality plants, boasting an impressive success rate of 97%. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right? Sometimes, those pesky 3% like to throw us a curveball. If you happen to receive a plant on its last leaf or it kicks the bucket within 30 days of arrival, we’ll leaf you with a refund. Snap a pic of your plant, and we’ll issue a refund or a fresh green buddy. Learn more.

Our commitment to delivering green happiness extends through all seasons. Come rain or shine, our shipping operations keep on truckin’! No weather can rain on our shipping parade.

The Process

  • Order Placement: Your journey begins the moment you place your order. Select your favorite plants and leave the rest to us!
  • Processing Time: Your order typically undergoes processing within 2-5 business days. Our superstar team works their magic, expertly packaging your plants to ensure they travel in style and safety.
  • Shipping Assurance: Our commitment doesn’t end at processing. We pride ourselves on delivering your goods securely, with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • 30-Day Guarantee: In the rare event that your plants arrive damaged, fear not! They are covered by our esteemed 30-day Guarantee. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Tips for Mastering English Ivy Glacier Care

Are you ready to give your new English Ivy Glacier the love it needs to thrive? Of course, you are! Let’s dive in!

Whether you’re an interior design guru, a novice in the plant parenting arena, or a last-minute gift hunter, the English Ivy Glacier is your ticket to instant charm! This isn’t just any plant; it’s a survivor. We’re talking about an action hero of the horticulture world! The English Ivy Glacier couldn’t care less about light conditions or temp, it’s dynamically adaptable and laughs in the face of diverse conditions. It’s the plant version of “bring it on!

Say hello to healthy air! The English Ivy Glacier is a fabulous air purifier, absorbing toxins and releasing fresh oxygen! It’s perfect for those stuffy offices or small apartments. And guess what? It’s also a natural humidifier – helping you breathe easier and feel better. Plus, with its gorgeous variegated leaves and cascading growth, it’s not just a plant, it’s a statement piece! Who knew home décor could be so exciting and eco-friendly?

English Ivy Plant Care Tip From The Flower Lady2024-01-08T11:31:11-05:00

English Ivy Plant Care Tip From The Flower Lady

Leafy Shower Time: Every once in a while, treat your English Ivy to a refreshing shower.

Place it in the bathroom or give it a gentle rinse under the showerhead. Not only will this cleanse the leaves, but it also provides a humidity boost.

Why It Works:

Dust Be Gone: The shower helps remove dust that can accumulate on the leaves. Clean leaves can photosynthesize more effectively, leading to a healthier plant.
Hydration Happiness: English Ivy, like many plants, enjoys a bit of extra humidity. The shower mimics a rainforest environment, providing a burst of moisture that your plant will appreciate.
Pest Prevention: A clean and hydrated plant is less attractive to pests. By showering your English Ivy, you create a less hospitable environment for unwanted visitors.

How to Shower Your Ivy:

Mild Watering: Use lukewarm water to shower your Ivy. Avoid harsh water pressure, as you want a gentle rinse, not a plant spa day gone wild.
Mind the Soil: Ensure the soil is adequately watered before the shower session. This prevents the plant from absorbing too much water through its roots during the shower.
Frequency: Aim for a leafy shower every few weeks or when you notice a buildup of dust. It’s like a mini-spa treatment for your green companion.

Shower Time Fun! 🚿🌿

Turn plant care into a spa day! Your English Ivy will thank you for the refreshing shower, and you’ll enjoy a happier, cleaner, and more vibrant green friend in your home. Time to let your English Ivy shine with its leafy glow! 🌟🍃

—The Flower Lady, your personal plant whisperer! 🌿💁‍♀️😉

How to Care for an English Ivy2024-01-08T11:31:22-05:00

Unleash the glittery magic of your English Ivy plant and let its vibrant leaves turn your space into a botanical disco🌿✨💃

Elevate your plant care game and let the glam flow. Here’s your VIP access to the care secrets that will make your English Ivy thrive:

  • Light: Location, Location, Location! English Ivy is a versatile dancer—it can tango in bright, indirect light or waltz in partial shade. Just avoid harsh sunlight; it’s not a fan of sunburns.

  •  Temperature: English Ivy enjoys temperatures between 50-75°F. It can handle a bit of temperature variability, but extreme conditions are a no-no.
  • Humidity: Mist Me, Please! English Ivy enjoys a bit of humidity. A light misting or placing a tray of water nearby will make it feel pampered.

  • Watering: Say no to waterlogging; it’s the golden rule. Keep the soil feeling like a slightly damp sponge, not a soggy mess. Let the top inch dry before summoning the watering can. Your English Ivy prefers sips, not swims

  • Soil: Treat your Ivy to a well-draining potting mix. It’s like giving it a plush sofa to lounge on. A mix rich in organic matter is its VIP seating.
  • Fertilization: Moderate Feeding! During the growing season (spring and summer), offer a diluted, balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks. Your Ivy will relish the extra nutrients.
  • Potting: Consider repotting your English Ivy plant every year when it becomes root-bound or outgrows its container. Read this super informative article about keeping your plants in the container they came in. If its time to repot, check this insightful article: Repotting Houseplants Tips

  •  Pruning: Don’t hesitate to trim your Ivy when it gets unruly. Pruning promotes bushiness and keeps it in top shape. It’s like giving it a spa day!

  • Pest Control: Become a pest patrol- Keep an eye out for pests like spider mites and aphids. A gentle shower or neem oil can be your Ivy’s superhero against these invaders.
  • Support System: If your Ivy starts stretching its limbs, give it a trellis or a climbing buddy for support to help your English Ivy houseplant reach new heights.


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