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How to Care for a Spider Plant2024-03-03T23:15:00-05:00

How to Care for a Spider Plant: With Forget Me Not Flower Market, the grass – or your Spider plant – is always greener!

Whether you’re a photosynthesis fanatic, a newbie leaf lover, or someone yearning for adding a dash of nature to your urban jungle, guess what? You’ve hit the jackpot with spider plants! They’re as solid as a rock, amazingly adaptable, and are famous for their funky, spindly foliage. Yet they’re often misunderstood. Never fear, your plant whisperers at Forget Me Not Flower Market are here to set things straight!

  • Light: Your Spider plant fancy the limelight, just without the UV burn! Too much sun can fry their leaves, while too little can dwarf their expansion. But they’re no divas – they can flex to accommodate various light situations.
  • Temperature: Resilience is the game of Spider plants. They can put up with temperatures anywhere between 55 and 80°F, but they fancy a cozy room temperature of 70-90°F.

  • Watering: Like you enjoy a cool pint in the summer, your Spider plant also love a good soak. But they’re not into waterlogged soil, so let it air between watering sessions. In winter, water them as often as you go skiing.
  • Soil: Spider plants prefer a well-draining, aerated potting mix. They’re not fussy and adapt to various soil types, as long as it drains well. A regular potting mix with a sprinkle of perlite and peat moss mixed in is just peachy.
  • Fertilization: During the growing season, treat your Spider Plant to a special monthly meal – a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. Be cautious not to overfeed, or they’ll end up with brown leaf tips – we don’t want a Spider plant with a bad hair day!
  • Potting: Spider plants love to snug tight in their pots; they aren’t fond of being repotted often. When they do need a bigger home, choose a pot one size larger. Don’t forget those drainage holes. Read this super informative article about keeping your plants in the container they came in. If its time to repot, check this insightful article: Repotting Houseplants Tips
  •  Propagation: Got a green thumb? Try propagating your Spider plants! They produce small plantlets, so simply snip one off, plant it in moist soil, and maintain moisture until roots arrive.
  • Juicy Tip: Now, for that juicy secret you’ve been waiting for… Our little green friends adore… drum roll, please… eggshells! Yup, you read it right! Some crushed eggshells in soil and voila! You’ve got yourself a calcium-infused, lush Spider plant. Think of it as an eggcellent hack – our gift to you!

Got Questions? Our plant geeks are all set to arm you with expert tips, advice, and a plethora of plant care items. We’re passionate about helping you transform your space into a verdant haven. Add our top-notch customer service, and you’ll be plant shopping like a pro in no time!

Eager to bring out the plant charmer in you? Let’s embark on this Spider plant taming journey together!

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