6″ Tropical Trio Bromeliad Garden


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In stock

This Valentine’s Day, Leap headfirst into the sizzling dance of the tropics with our Triple Bromeliad Garden.

Trust us, folks, this isn’t just a neighborhood get-together of plants; it’s a mini Amazon rainforest eager to throw you its own little carnival right in your living room.

Each bromeliad, a true jabberwocky among plants, serves up a color explosion that’ll have your eyes – and everyone else’s – doing the cha-cha in awe! So forget that vacay in Bora Bora, and bring a tropical fiesta to your home with this spectacular arrangement. Did someone just say, “Where’s my lei?”

Triple Bromeliad Garden Features

  • Showcases three charismatic Guzmania bromeliads, known for their strikingly beautiful flower spikes.
  • Enhanced with decorative Spanish moss, amplifying the garden-like feel of the arrangement.
  • Standing approximately 1 to 1.5 feet tall, this arrangement brings nature closer to you without overwhelming your space.
  • Presented in a 6” round white ceramic planter, a perfect container for displaying the bromeliads’ beauty.
  • Bromeliad color is subject to our growers’ choice, always selected from our freshest morning picks.
  • Can be delivered straight to your doorstep via DoorDash or picked up in-store.

Triple Bromeliad Garden for Valentine’s Day Details

Bromeliad Type: 3 Guzmania Bromeliads. Growers choice.*
Bromeliad Colors: Growers choice*
Overall Measurement:Approximately 1 to 1.5 feet tall. *Overall size may vary.
Planter Size: 6” round white ceramic planter.
Planter Color: White.

*Grower’s choice: options available are a selection of colors from our morning picks.