2″ Heart Orchid Arrangement


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In stock

Immerse yourself in the whirlwind of love and beauty that explodes from our 2″ Heart Orchid Arrangement

This dazzling arrangement isn’t just a treat for your eyes; it also takes you on a joyride through the symphony of nature’s finesse. It’s a love letter written by Mother Nature, hinting at the lavish balance in the ecosystem.

Every look at this radiant prodigy will make your day feel like a jolly holiday! Are you considering jazzing up your home or office? Or you’re scouting for an awe-inspiring gift that screams thoughtfulness. Or you’re just an incurable admirer of Mother Nature’s spectacular showcase. Well, folks, look no further! This arrangement is your golden chariot to ride right into Plant-ville.
Get ready to bask in the splendor of Orchids and watch their elegance and serenity unfurl right in your space. So, buckle up, make some room, and bring home the blooming marvel that is this Heart Mini Orchid Arrangement. Now, how’s that for a heart-tickling proposition?

2″ Heart Orchid Arrangement: The headliner

  • It showcases a two-stem, mini Phalaenopsis orchid. A delicate expression of love and appreciation.
  • Inclusive of decorative orchid moss, it adds a whimsical touch and harmony to the arrangement.
  • Standing approximately 10 inches to 1 foot tall, this compact size fits perfectly on any tabletop or workspace. Overall size may vary.
  • Comes in a 2″ heart shaped white ceramic planter. As adorable as it is chic!
  • Available in a variety of colors, handpicked by our growers from our fresh morning selection. *Grower’s choice.
  • Flexible delivery choices tailored to your convenience. You may choose to collect your purchase in-store or opt for delivery right to your doorstep through our reliable DoorDash courier service.

2″ Heart Orchid Arrangement for Valentine’s Details

Orchid Color:*Grower’s choice.
Overall Measurement: Approximately 10 inches to 1 foot tall. Overall size may vary.
Planter Sizes: 5″ heart-shaped white ceramic planter.
Planter Color: White.

*Grower’s choice: options available are a selection of colors from our morning picks.